No event is too large or too small. We offer fundraising opportunities on location at any of our  four store locations (Gap, Intercourse, Morgantown or Exton, PA) or at your location with one of our state of the art Rita's Trucks.

Our Rita's Trucks are the only one of their kind in the tri-state area. They can be safely parked at any location including sporting events, picnics, community events, festivals, fairs, corporate events, school events, weddings and private parties, conveniently serving guests through a serving window.

Our Rita's Truckswill add a refreshing touch to any occasion and can help your school, church, little league or any organization raise funds. Allow us to be a part of your event and you will find that this is a great way for your organization to raise money! We would park our Truckat your location and offer our Rita's signature frozen treats for sale. We in turn donate 20% of the proceeds to your organization.

Here Are Some of the Great Fundraising Programs We Offer

The Celebrity Scoop / Ice and Custard Social: This a fun and exciting way for your group to raise money! As a feature of this event, members of your organization can act as “Celebrity Scoopers” at any of our Rita’s store locations and serve our Ice and other delicious treats to guests.  In return, your group will receive 20% of the proceeds earned during the event! Here’s how it works, we schedule a fundraising night for your group in which 20% of all sales (pre-tax) are donated back to your organization. A typical time frame would be from 6 - 8 pm, any Monday - Thursday night, rain or shine. You notify all of your friends, family and supporters to come to any of our four Rita's store locations and create a crowd of people enjoying their favorite treats. Bring your Mascot along and together with our Mascot, Ice Guy, your guests will be entertained while they enjoy their favorite treat. If you don’t have a mascot, or are not interested in scooping ice, the event is still a lot of fun and can generate a good amount of money for your organization. The more successful you are at directing folks to Rita's, the more you will earn.

The Quart Lid Sale Fundraiser: Another successful way to raise funds! Your group members sell quarts of our signature Italian Ice to friends and family and earn a whopping  50% of the proceeds. Here’s how it works. We sell you specially marked Rita’s Quart Container Lids for $2.50 each; you, in turn, sell the lids to friends, family and supporters for $5.00 each, which is approximately what a quart of ice actually costs at the store. Your organization makes $2.50 for each lid they sell. The lids do not expire so they can be redeemed for a quart of ice of their choice, at any of our four locations, at any time!


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